7 Feel Good Films for Blue Monday!

This Monday in January is seen as being Blue Monday the most depressing day of the year, that is due to the festive period being more than over and struggling through January still waiting to be paid! Therefore I decided to put together a list of 7 feel good films which I totally love.

Isn’t escapism and being made to feel happy one of the main reasons we watch so many films? Well, it certainly is for me so I thought what better day than the most depressing of the year to think about the films that make me very happy!

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“There’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who is in love with him.”

Here we go again.

I mean that in two different ways. The first being a second blog post more about life and love but using the films I love. Tonight’s post comes with a rather heartbreaking quote from The Sound of Music. Well I find it that way, considering it is the Baroness who says it to Maria about the Captain. You know the man she is actually engaged to! But the more you think about that quote the more you realise that it is true, if he knows how you feel then it seems to work against you. If he isn’t sure then he’s all for you. Seriously men you really are the complicated ones!

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News: Streep Inspired Ryder’s Happiness

I always like it when younger actors are helped out by their elders.

Winona Ryder vowed to cheer up on movie sets – after Meryl Streep taught her how to be happy and successful.

The actress, who suffered from depression following her split from Johnny Depp, realised she could combine her acting with a contented personal life after working with Streep on 1993’s The House of the Spirits.

And the experience helped her learn it wasn’t necessary for actors to be moody in order to give their best performance.

Ryder tells Elle UK, “I worked with Meryl Streep on The House of the Spirits. I always thought actors had to be really depressed or moody or anguished to be great, but she was completely fine and had her family and came to work and did an amazing job and she wasn’t that way.

“I remember that being a really big deal to me. And I was like, ‘Wow, I can actually be happy and be good at the same time!'”