“You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”

I think that is a very true thing, you are going to have bad times and quite often they all seem to come at once with no sign of anything good. I think something that can be done is to simply look back at the photos you have taken on your mobile phone, that has to have something that will make you smile (although could make you even more sad for a few moments) but it should help you that yes things are bad, but they have been good as well. I felt like well nearly all of 2015 was a bad time particularly from September to December as everything went wrong, one thing after another. No light was at the end of the tunnel and I have decided to try and change my attitude for 2016 to not caring as much about the little annoying things that don’t really mean anything, so I am hoping that is going to be possible. With a few different tasks to really keep me from going absolutely crazy I guess!

Yes. Usually at those bad times you hate well pretty much everything and blame yourself don’t you. Sometimes it can just take a nice message or comment from well anyone, something really small that they have no idea will have a massive impact on your day. But how do we really get past that stage? Well I wish I could say that I have the answer to that question but I really don’t. Also I do realise that I have totally ended up spamming my blog with posts containing something from Sunset Boulevard since watching the film before Christmas.

Oh yes there it is always on a night! It’s certainly right though eventually something does snap and breaks and you don’t care anymore. What is better though caring too much or not caring at all? It a funny way it has a pretty fine line between all of that. It does feel like a good moment though as you think you have got past whatever was getting you down and the bad moment. Sometimes a nights sleep seems to make everything better as well, which is certainly a good thing. Well if you can even get to sleep to begin with, not something I have ever really done very well in all honesty.

I certainly think this is something that you always end up back to, why do the bad times always seem to last longer than the good times? It has to be the wake up part then I guess then we start to think about the good times and wonder when they will come back. But we don’t appreciate it as it is happening. As Bon Jovi once sung the hardest part is the night, that is certainly true. When you are beyond tired yet then cannot sleep with too many things on your mind.


Sometimes I wish someone would keep telling me that type of thing, but not end in the same tragic way as ‘A Star is Born’ as that is not how you would want the love of your life to go. It’s so hard at times though to keep trying to follow that big dream when the little things fail apart and fail around you. Something that you now no longer believe you can get to or achieve. How do you manage to talk yourself round with that one? Is it another thing that just takes some time . . . I certainly hope so right now.

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