Cineworld Secret Screening 5 – Possible Films

We have a very fast turn around from the 4th Secret Screening which was the very disappointing ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ which was only in December 2015. We have the next Secret Screening all set for Saturday 6th February 2016. I like the Saturday night approach such a great idea!

When booking the tickets you are told 120 minutes for the running time.

Zoolander 2 was the first talked about as being for this screening but it has previews on the same day so that rules that film out!

I haven’t seen any clues released from Cineworld this time . . .

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The 7 Worst People at the Cinema

In the last couple of weeks I had my worst ever cinema going experience. Two men sat behind me were incredibly rude, it all started with stupidly copying everything in the adverts. I was just hoping that it would stop for the film, unfortunately not. They kept talking and laughing at things that were not funny (the film was Room for gods sake) as well as constantly kicking the back of my seat and the one next to me. I was alone so did not want to say anything incase it made it all worse and caused a scene in the screen. Massive thanks to Cineworld though for the gift they sent me because of this!


From that it got me thinking about the worst people you come up against when going to the cinema. You know the people you don’t actually understand why they even bothered to come into a dark room and watch a film when they are clearly not even interested a tiny bit in what they are watching.

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Creed (2015) Review


Adonis Johnson had a tough start in life as he never met his father who died before he was born. When his mother also died it looked like the end of the road, until his father’s wife decided to take him in. Who was his father? Apollo Creed of course! He wants to be a fighter in his own right and not rely on the name . . .

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