Triple 9 (2016) Review


A group of dirty cops end up in way too deep with the Russian mob, just when they think they are out after a heist. They must do another to gain some important information.

Now this is a pretty strange one really as this was the Cineworld Secret Screening film and it was certainly a film that I probably wouldn’t have bothered with on its release, with good reason after watching it last night would prove. It is a very bland and boring film that in the end doesn’t have any good points. It was slow in the build up and did not have any likeable characters from start to finish, what happens when a film is like that? Well you just don’t care about it.

I missed this film off my list of possible films, but a comment from a fellow blogger said this film and he was certainly right. After that was mentioned this was the film that I thought it was going to be as it really did fit perfectly to the rating and closest to the running time.

The thing is though the opening scene was pretty good and had some intensity about it as a group of men are robbing a bank, always makes for a good film scene in all honesty and this was no different. Pretty shocking to then see it was done by a group of cops. The only problem with finding out that quick was that it then took the edge of the film. It left us wondering if they would get caught out but not that we actually cared a massive amount.

The walls close in around the characters one at a time, would have been better for a few different things to happen at the same time. As we were just left waiting to see who would be next. I guess it did show that when working on the streets some of them ended up being confused by the role they were supposed to be in and seemed to have good relationships with the criminals and gang members.

That was all about to change when Chris Allen (Affleck) was going to come in as the new partner of Marcus (Mackie) who really wanted to make a difference. You know like so many films we’ve seen like this one, so nothing new with the story. I really have to mention that it annoyed me with the constant chewing gum found it massively distracting, like seriously I know its a strange thing to comment on but if you see this film I am sure you will understand what I mean! It was slow, boring and pretty predictable.

Behind the links with the Russian mob was due to Terrell having a young son with one of the women. So basically we are supposed to believe he is doing it all to see him, when in the end it actually made no sense why he continued to do the heist and jobs for them. Kate Winslet was underused in my opinion as could have added more with more scenes. But let’s face it this film has an impressive cast with a very poor and limited script to work with. I won’t be recommending that you rush to see this one when it is released over the next couple of weeks, so I don’t think the secret and previewed screening will do it any favours in finding an audience.


20 thoughts on “Triple 9 (2016) Review

  1. Release date was originally set for September 2015 but was put back to February 2016. The cast has also gone through a number of changes. Signs that all is not well. Haven’t seen the film but would have expected it to have been half decent bearing in mind a well established director and a still strong cast. Won’t be rushing out to see this one. Good review.


    • That makes a little bit more sense then if plenty of cast changes and release date pushed back a lot. Seems more like a film that would head straight to Netflix or DVD rather than a cinema release in all honesty. Will be interesting to see more reviews for it when it comes out properly in the next few weeks.


  2. Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. The secret screenings haven’t been picking the best movies recently. The trailer made this one look good, I was looking forward to it. Will probably still see it out of curiosity.


    • Yeah the Secret Screenings are losing the edge really as they don’t seem to be getting any decent films. It is still possible for something that isn’t well known to be good. But I feel we have been shafted with the last couple with films that they aren’t expecting to do very well which is a shame. I will be interested to know your thoughts if you see this one Andy!


  3. Is it just me or are there Very Little Great Scripts to ‘choose’ from!!? I wish the Powers that be, would find an Easier Better Way to find the Great Scripts that are sitting around collecting dust, while bad ideas are made into movies that will only end up “On Demand’ for $8.00!? !! I would rather make one good film than 10 ready stupid bad ones! Supernatural blessings to All those who just want to Pitch it, Sell it & get the hell out there!! LOL!

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    • It’s funny you should say that as after seeing two very poorly scripted films over the weekend I have been wondering that as well! Especially when Trumbo has not got a release at my local cinema 😦


  4. Sorry you’ve seen two poor films recently. I’ve just seen Trumbo and thoroughly enjoyed it,
    particularly Bryan Cranston’s performance. I don’t think it’s showing at any of the multiplexes but it is still showing at your local independent cinema well into next week. If you can manage to see it I’m sure you won’t be disappointed (he says hopefully!). I was a bit sceptical before going as the critics gave it mixed reviews, but everybody in the screening I attended seem to enjoy it – except for the person sitting next to me who went to sleep as soon as he entered the cinema and didn’t waken up until the end credits!! Takes all sorts. Hope you get to see it.

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    • It’s funny you should mention Trumbo as I have been checking the times for it at my local independent cinema and want to watch it this weekend to check out Cranston’s performance! I will keep you updated with that.


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