Stage Door – Lesley Joseph

When it was announced that Lesley Joseph would be returning to Annie as Miss Hannigan at different venues and Sunderland was one of those I just had to go! I have always loved Birds of a Feather (UK TV Series) and its great its been back on recently.


She was absolutely lovely (as expected) and I got a great photo, told her I came to see her the last time she was in the Annie tour to which she responded with that was 17 years ago! I honestly didn’t realise it was that long ago which meant I was only 11 years old!

Such a thrill to meet her and she was fantastic in the show (review to follow).

Eddie the Eagle (2016) Review


Eddie Edwards is well known as Eddie the Eagle in England due to his crazy attempts at the Ski Jump and making it to the Olympics. It all started when he was a child and told to give up sport but he always dreamed of one day being an Olympian.

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Now TV


Now TV have some special Easter offers going on over the bank holiday weekend, it certainly is such a great way to buy only the TV you actually want to watch. Why pay for every single channel when you only watch a certain few?

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The best thing about each of the different passes are for a monthly fee (after a lovely 14 day free trial). You can mix and match by adding the others to the pass and really changing the way you will watch TV as you can watch them across all different platforms and on the go via 3/4G connections.