100 Sexiest Actors – 30-21

Onto the top 30  . . . 30-21 . . .

30. Christian Slater


Christian is definatly one of my first crushes. From when he was in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. He was just gorgeous then !!! He isnt too bad now but in the early 1990s he was at his best.

29. James Franco

He is defintaly going to quickly become on of my favorites !!! He was just gorgeous in Spiderman movies and he was just lovely in Milk and put in a fantastic performance. He is just lovely and sexy.

28. Ryan Gosling

Who did not fall in love with Ryan in “The Notebook” he was just lovely and sexy in that. He is still very young and has already got an Oscar nom to his name. So I am sure there is plenty more to come from him.

27. Kevin Spacey

Double Oscar winner and I am sure more nominations to come in the future. Kevin really is one of the best actors of his generation. In “The Usual Suspects” he was fantastic and he was just brilliant in “American Beauty”. There is also something about him which makes him soooooo sexy.

26. Matt Damon

I think my favorite and sexiest Matt role is when he is in “Good Will Hunting” he is just gorgeous in that. He really is a talented actor as well as being very sexy.

25. Clark Gable

Frankly, my dear . . . I DO give a damn. Haha, couldnt resist. Yes when it comes to Clark Gable I really could give a damn. He is just the sex and incredible in “Gone with the Wind” I am sure every woman and a lot of men who have watched that movie totally wanted Clark. He really is just so gorgeous.

24. Jude Law

The always sexy Jude. He really is just a cheeky chappy kinda guy, I found him at his sexiest when he was in “Alfie” I dont no if it was partly because of the character or not. But damn he was so hot in that movie.

23. Mickey Rourke


He was soooo sexy and hot back in the 80’s. He just oozed sex appeal, then everything seemed to go wrong for Mickey. But he is back now and there is still something very sexy about him.

22. Colin Firth

Yep he is definatly one of my guilty pleasures, as he is not sexy in the obvious of ways. But as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones I totally fell in love with him ❤ He is a very sexy guy, loved how sexy he looked in Mamma Mia! as well. I think part of the attraction is the types of characters he plays always come across shy and that.

21. Mark Wahlberg


Marky Mark has come along way since his modelling days for Calvin Klein . . . yes I did almost post one of those pictures but changed my mind haha. He has got hotter with age and is very good in the movies that he is. He was still hot in the Departed with the daft hair, haha.

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