News: Stars Invited To Join Oscars Organisation

I think this is very interesting to see who will be able to vote for future Academy Award winners.

Heath Ledger’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams, Casey Affleck and Emily Blunt are among the 134 stars and moviemakers who have been invited to become members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – the organisation behind the Oscars.

The celebrities, executives and behind-the-scenes experts invited to become a part of the Academy Awards will be able to vote for the winners of the 2010 prizegiving in March.

Academy President Sid Ganis says, “These filmmakers have, over the course of their careers, captured the imagination of audiences around the world. It’s this kind of talent and creativity that make up the Academy, and I welcome each of them to our ranks.”

New members will be welcomed into the Academy at an invitation-only reception at the Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study in Beverly Hills in September.

Other invitees include Michael Cera, 2009 Oscar nominees Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis, James Franco, Anne Hathaway and 2009 Oscars host Hugh Jackman.

News: Parker Hid Prudishness To Win Sex Role

As you may know by now that I love SJP and SATC especially her character Carrie Bradshaw. So to read this news is just so cute !!!

Sarah Jessica Parker hid her shyness from Sex And The City bosses – because she thought it would cost her the role of Carrie Bradshaw.

The actress rose to fame as cocktail-drinking party girl and New York newspaper columnist Bradshaw in the hit U.S. series.

She felt uncomfortable swearing in the role and was left shocked with the amount of explicit content included in the show.

But she refused to let television bosses know she was so clean-cut, fearing they would think she was the wrong person for the part.

She says, “If the audiences had known my true feelings about some of the sexual content in Sex And The City, they may have felt I wasn’t the right person to be in such a series. I just don’t drink, that’s part of the problem. I don’t like the taste of it and I don’t drink to relax.

“It has always been that way. I’ve never smoked anything other than the occasional cigarette in my whole life – and have never taken drugs of any kind.”

And Parker, who had a no-nudity clause written into her contract for the show, also had to adjust to the amount of sex scenes in each episode.

She adds, “I was thrilled that the others did the scenes so well and they looked great. But I have to deal with my own modesty. I wasn’t comfortable with the vulgar language, either. I thought that, because Carrie was a writer, she would be able to use better language than she did.”

News: Jackman To Play Cyrus’ Minder In New Bodyguard Movie

I like the sound of this, but I asuming with the age gap between Miley and Hugh they will not have the romantic connection which was in “The Bodyguard”.

Hugh Jackman and Miley Cyrus are set to team up for a new movie based loosely on hit film The Bodyguard.

The Aussie star will play a New York police detective hired to bodyguard a spoiled teen heiress (Cyrus) after she receives a kidnap threat, according to Daily Variety.

The new film is tentatively titled Personal Security.