Pearl Harbor (2001) Review

War and romance seem to work very well when it comes to a historical film, the story in Pearl Harbor follows two lifelong friends and a nurse who get trapped in a love triangle and get caught up in the infamous Sunday morning in 1941.


Right to start off with I have to admit that I did attempt to watch this movie years ago, but got bored after about half an hour and switched it off. Maybe I was too on the young side to really watch it and actually care about what was going on? Well I am really glad that I have watched it from start to finish.

The love story really broke my heart (yes I knew what was going to happen) but it still really broke my heart. I really felt so sorry for Evelyn (Kate Beckinsdale) as she missed Rafe (Ben Affleck) so much and had eventually accepted that he had died after about 4/5 months. Then for Danny (Josh Hartnett) to fall for her and her for him, for Rafe to come back. The two best friends were in the strangest situation they could ever be in, both in love with the same woman and she loved both of them.

For Evelyn to be pregnant and not tell Danny before he went away and to tell Rafe to make sure he comes back, is totally the moment that you know he is not going to be coming back. I think another hearbreaking thing is the last thing Danny says to Evelyn is that he is scared that she loved Rafe more than she loved him. But she said I love you. Damn it was complex and complicated.

I thought the flying and bombing scenes were all put together very well, and good graphics used. It was so difficult to watch all of the men dying when you knew it must have happened in a very similar way.

I really loved Alec Baldwin’s character, I thought his attitude was totally kick ass. Especially, when he told them all that he would be flying with them. Even though he was told not to. He said they were his men and he would fly with them.

I have to admit that I did cry at the end, when Danny was dying and Rafe told him he had to hold on because he was going to be a father, and Danny’s last words were “no you are”. OMG that just made me start to cry, it was just too sad. Evelyn’s face when she saw Rafe get off the plane, and you could just tell she thought Danny was behind him, but then they pulled the box out. That again made me cry.

The very end as well, when you see the little boy who I must say was a mini Josh Hartnett and they had called him Danny. OMG that was just too lovely, cute and also sad. On a whole I found the movie to be quite confusing at times, as it was kinda going backwards and forwards between stuff going on with the Japanese planned bombing and the love story. But yes I did enjoy it and yes I do cry, and yes I would watch it again.

3 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor (2001) Review

  1. This is supposed to be a World War 2 based movie. Its the sort of movie anyone would expect to be an accurate enough dramatisation of events that actually happened.

    Instead what we get is an attempt to make another Titanic by including a love triangle that is dominant over the whole history aspect. It just doesn’t seem right.

    Being a historic epic, they could have cut down on the whole love story and focused more on what would have been relevant such as the Japanese preparation of the attack and the situation President Roosevelt was finding himself in. The sequence of the actual attack on Pearl Harbour was spectacular! Perhaps if they extended it and made it a more major part of the film it would have been more worthy. Another major flaw with this movie is that after the attack sequence the movie dragged on for another hour trying to give an epilogue which was totally irrelevant.

    I reckon if these were taken aboard, then Pearl Harbor would have been a much better movie and perhaps would not have flopped at the box office.


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