Movie Character’s I Have Related Too . . .

You know what its like, theres a moment in a movie when you totally feel for the character because you can see some of yourself in them and just know you would react the way in which they do. So I decided to make a little list using icons to help explain it all.

I will start with Bridget Jones . . . picking the wrong guy and doing really stupid things, yep that sounds about right, haha. And yes I have drunk a bottle of wine to myself on a few ocassions, like a virgin is my karoke song . . .


Iris from “The Holiday” played by Kate Winslet. Had such an awful time with a certain guy, she even gets a holiday exchange to get away from him, haha. But yes I could so feel her pain at times knew exactly hows she was feeling.


Charlotte in Lost in Translation . . . I just really have hit a crossroads in my life over the past couple of years and not sure at all what I am supposed to do.


Well I guess when looking at the icons those are the only three that I could find. So this will be part one, haha.

RIP Michael Jackson

While a lot of the talk is about the sudden passing of Michael Jackson. I must also pay tribute to the music legend, who really did change the face of music over the years. With such massive hits and he still holds the biggest record sales in the world of his album “Thriller”.

So many of his songs have featured in movies and so many mentionings of him in movies which I am sure will continue and keep his memory alive.

My favorite Michael Jackson songs have to be “Man in the Mirror” and “Billie Jean”.

RIP Michael Jackson