Trailer: New Moon (2009)

So the second part of the Twilight Saga: New Moon (as it is being listed everywhere, Twilight Saga) . . . here is the official trailer for the movie.

This means that I now have 5 months to read New Moon . . .

MTV Movie Awards 2009 – Best Movie – Twilight

Again no suprise at all here. All of the Twilight fans must have been out in force on the voting front over the past few weeks. Dont get me wrong while I have been posting these as I love Twilight. I loved the book more than the movie, but it was still good. I just think when you compare to the other nominations, such as “The Dark Knight” and even “Iron Man”. I bet HSM3 was second to Twilight.

But anyway I do enjoy these awards as it gives other movies and actors a chance to realise that they were found entertaining. When the Oscar noms and winners may not have brought in as many people to watch the movies.

I will definatly be posting some pictures tomorrow . . .

MTV Movie Awards 2009 – Comedic Performance – Jim Carrey

YAY for Jim. I have always been a massive fan of his, and I am glad he won this award. I cannot really comment too much on the other nominees as I have not seen many of those performances.

While “Yes Man” was not the best it was very funny with a nice message attached to it. Kinda reminded me of “Click”.

MTV Movie Awards 2009 – Best Kiss – Twilight

Yep another award for Twilight. This time to both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I bet it was quite a close one to call with Zac and Vanessa being nominated for HSM3.

I thought the kiss between James and Angelina for Wanted was very hot !!! But what about Sean Penn and James Franco, in “Milk” that was brilliant !!!