Don’t Look Up (2021) Review

When two low level astronomers Dr. Randall Mindy and Phd student Kate Dibiasky discover that a planet destroying comet is going to hit the earth, it’s harder than they think to get everyone to take them seriously that includes President Orlean.


The harrowing discovery of the comet that is orbiting within the solar system and it being between 6-10km in size and heading towards earth and is due to arrive in six months time, was terrifying for Kate and Randall but when taking this news to the United States government and presenting the data to the President, they are not bothered at all. This leaves the pair in shock and they begin to go on TV shows to try and then tell the world about the planet destroying comet that is heading straight for earth.

Again though the general population aren’t overly bothered by this and Kate pretty much has a breakdown and horrible internet meme’s are mad with her losing it. Randall gets in with Brie Evantee who is a TV presenter and he pretty much forgets all about his wife June who was at home. The media circus surrounding it all is something that we can easily relate to and how quickly things are created online.

I mean it does raise the very interesting question (especially after the way the past couple of years have gone) would people even believe it now if someone told us that a comet was going to destroy the earth? I mean probably not, some people love a conspiracy theory don’t they! Which I guess was the main point of this film and while it does have a few amusing moments on the whole for me personally I just did not enjoy it.

It tried very hard to split people into different groups and those who would believe and prepare for the end of the world and those who would think it was a hoax. Then it massively pokes fun at the US government and in particular the President which can only be compared to Trump and his love for sprouting about fake news.

Certainly felt like a slog to get through the 2 hours and 18 minutes of the running time and quite frankly I thought it felt even longer than that. I was half tempted just to give up with it (a downside of streaming service premiere’s and not seeing a film at the cinema for me) but I stuck with it and well it just didn’t get any better at all.

Given the truly impressive cast I am actually quite shocked that I ended up giving the film a two star rating as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep (who I was totally on board with being President by the way) are some of my favourite actors, oh and Cate Blanchett! Mark Rylance is another I am a big fan of and his character in this was like a very strange take on his performance in Ready Player One. I actually had no idea Timothee Chalamet was in the film until he popped up as well, but I mean he does seem to pop up in a lot of films doesn’t he!

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