Oscars 2022 – Best Picture

I always enjoy the Best Picture race and attempting to watch all of the nominated films, it’s something I have tried to do since 2009 when Let’s Go To The Movies was created and I have the forever ongoing Best Picture Project which is not only to watch the winners but each nominated film. While I don’t believe it is something I will ever complete I still like the challenge.

This year at the 2022 Oscars we have ten nominees for Best Picture and in all honesty I think I actually did pretty well to see a few at the cinema and then some on streaming services, given the vast differences in the way films are now released.


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I absolutely adored everything about Belfast and it is probably my favourite on the whole list, I found myself laughing and crying. Maybe even at the same time at one point, I felt as though it was a story so filled with love for not only family but also for the power of the cinema and films.


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CODA is a wonderfully lovely film and seems to be the biggest rival to The Power of the Dog to take home the win. It has some amazing messages and highlights what deaf people have to go through.

Don’t Look Up

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I wasn’t the biggest fan of this film as I wasn’t sure if it was actually meant to be funny at certain times or if it was serious. Incredible cast though, raging war on climate change so maybe a political choice?

Drive My Car

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This is the only nominee that I haven’t yet watched. Was hoping to pre-Oscars but haven’t had time this weekend.


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Isn’t this one of those nominations in the Best Picture category where we are all just happy that sci-fi has been included? Massively popular with film goers and great that its included right?

King Richard

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This is a true joy of a film and I loved it! I mean can you imagine if a film about two of the biggest and best female athletes of all time won best picture? It would be outstanding that’s for sure, probably a massive outsider to win though.

Licorice Pizza

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Don’t really want to start bashing this film again. I hated it. Will always hate it. Can’t actually believe they would reward such a horrible story with nominations.

Nightmare Alley

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It seems as though the Academy enjoy slow burner films which for the most part is boring. The thing is with Nightmare Alley I quite liked the second half, but the first totally drained me. Cate Blanchett turning up sooner would probably have increased the amount I enjoyed this film.

The Power of the Dog

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This is tipped to be hot favourite to take home the Academy Award and it will certainly divide everyone. It is a slow burner of a film and somewhat boring at times, which I think would be even worse if it wins and people then attempt to watch it as it won Best Picture.

West Side Story

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This was a lovely surprise in terms of how well it was all put together and done, I mean yes I adore musicals but I just felt a remake wasn’t needed. I guess sometimes we actually do need remakes, this was so wonderful in terms of the performances.

What I want to win: Belfast / King Richard
What I think will win: The Power of the Dog / CODA
Outside chance: West Side Story

2 thoughts on “Oscars 2022 – Best Picture

  1. Terrific insight. My wife had the ENTIRE cast of “Coda” on the Kelly Clarkson Show and it was incredible: terrific stories, heartwarming and inspiring – we need that kind of film right now which is why I think it will win. That said, I saw all but “Drive My Car” and only one is truly awful: “Licorice Pizza” was absolutely awful – and I am kind of a PTA fan!

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    • So pleased you agree on that being totally awful!

      I think the whole CODA cast and the stories behind it are amazing and it would raise even more awareness if it wins.

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