Swan Song (2021) Review

In the near future when Cameron Turner finds out he has a terminal illness he is offered an alternate option from his Doctor to save any grief from his family.


The option is to have himself cloned and that his wife Poppy and children would have no idea about the switch, but everything including memories would be passed across. Although is it all too good to be true? As Cameron tells the story and we see the emotional turmoil that it places him in, it creates a thought provoking idea on what you would want to do if you had that choice knowing you were going to die.

He is torn about actually discussing it with his wife but is warned against this by Dr. Jo Scott, who says it will not work if she actually knows about it. I mean come on the thought of then being with a clone of the actual person is rather weird isn’t it!

As the film progresses it manages to raise different questions and one standout moment for myself was when the dog picked up on the clone and just showing that animals are actually tougher to fool than humans. He meets Kate who had been through the same procedure and that gives him so real life experience of it all. So a rather different take on how clones might work if it is something that is developed in the future, doesn’t that always strike a deep fear?

Mahershala Ali is a double Oscar winner for an actor in a supporting role so it was great to eventually see him in a leading role, although I felt that this wasn’t the best film to really show off what he can do as it falls short at times, despite being two of him in scenes at times. Adding in Naomie Harris and Awkwafina were both good choices along with Glenn Close making this a very good intention from Apple showing that the standards of the original films are going up all the time.

I just didn’t really find myself connecting all that well with the storyline and that is obviously essential for a film like this one. It feels instantly forgettable once you have finished watching it and I probably made a mistake leaving it over a week and a half to review it. A little bit empty and that is such a shame when you think about the talented cast they put together.

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