Big Business (1988) Review

Two sets of twins one from New York and the other a countryside town discover that something a little bit strange happened the day they were born and could quite frankly explain a lot . . .


In the small town of Jupiter Hollow two sets of identical twins are born at pretty much the same time and the nurse mixes them up, one set born to a poor local family and the other to a rich family ho are just passing through. We then move to the 1980s when the mismatched twins are about to collide and find out about each other as a big business deal is looking to closedown the factory in Jupiter Hollow.

The Shelton sisters are co-chairwomen of Moramax in New York while the Ratliff sisters are wanting to stop the sale to sell Hollowmade which just happens to be by the Shelton’s. This is when we are about to get some rather confusing moments and slapstick events, especially when you throw in four different males as love interested and considering the identical nature of the opposite twins it would all get a little bit complicated. It was quite impressive to be able to make them avoid each other for so long and with great reason for that in build up to the final scene.

The film is fun enough and has a lot going on in the different scenes, but let’s face it the bathroom scene towards the end is really one of the best comedy moments I have watched in a very long time. Seriously that was so amusing! Done in the perfect manner managing to capture the expressions of both actresses (twice) in the best possible manner.

The best thing about the film is Bette Midler x2 and Lily Tomlin x2, they are both utterly fantastic and it just helped grow my love for the pair. If it had been any other matches it probably wouldn’t have been as good, I know that is quite a big statement but come on they are both just utterly amazing. I have more recently been watching Tomlin in Grace & Frankie and find her just brilliant, being able to go through some of her back catalogue is something that I am looking forward to doing. I have seen more Bette Midler films and even the absolute pleasure of on the Broadway stage in 2017!

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