The Siege (1998) Review

When a series of terrorist attacks take place in New York City this leads to the declaration of martial-law as FBI Special Agent Anthony Hubbard must continue trying to catch who is behind it all.


When Hubbard and his partner Frank Haddad attempt to intervene with the hijacking of a bus which is full with passengers which contains an explosive device. But everything will then change for the worst when more bombings take place in different parts of the city with a crowded theatre and elementary school being targeted, along with One Federal Plaza the location of the New York City field office. Elise Kraft/Sharon Bridger has different contacts and must work with Hubbard in an attempt to find out the people behind these attacks.

I guess this film is a rather tough one to watch considering the attacks taking place in NYC, obviously this film was before the 9/11 attacks in 2001. In all honesty I don’t really remember much terror related prior to those attacks and had never seen this film before, would have been slightly too young when it was released in 1998. So I guess given my age that was the first thing I can really remember from it all, yet this film was from a few years before that.

The film moves at a decent pace and has some rather shocking moments that certainly pushes it to the limit. Tough to watch and take but I guess that is what comes with terrorism and the hysteria it causes when it then comes to racial prejudice. So setting up the cages within a stadium was utterly heartbreaking to see unfold, as the army were drafted in.

Denzel Washington and Annette Bening were very good together and I felt as though that really helped push the film forward and keep it going at the great pace. I am a big fan of both of them separately so to see them in a film together was very nice indeed. Tony Shalhoub was the standout and scene stealer for me though and I just thought he was brilliant, being given many emotional scenes to work with.

Its certainly not perfect but I think it still highlights some of the issues that we are still dealing with now in 2021!

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