Bad Company (2002) Review

When a well educated CIA Agent is killed during an operation they keep those details well hidden and recruit the twin brother that no one knew about to replace him to continue the operation. With veteran Officer Oakes in charge it was never going to be straight forward and easy.


Jake Hayes had no idea that he even had a twin brother as they were separated when they were born, he was given the rough life and was currently struggling trying to make money by selling tickets. his girlfriend Julie does not believe he is going to amount to anything and takes a job elsewhere. This all seems to fall into place when the CIA attempt to recruit him to take his brothers place.

It was never going to be easy for Oakes and his team but surely with his experience they can just about pull it off? Well, if Jake can work it out considering he was not only pretending to be his brother but he was pretending to be his brother who was pretending to be someone else. Are you lost yet? I mean it sounds complicated but it actually makes a lot of sense when you are watching the film, just go with it!

I wasn’t fully sure what to expect with the film but I found myself fully enjoying it. Seemed to be the perfect film for the bad week I was having and managed to take my mind off things for the couple of hours, isn’t that all we really need from films? I personally think so!

It does attempt to have a few twists to make you shocked but that doesn’t really work out in that way as it is a little bit obvious what is going to happen next. That doesn’t take away any of the entertainment value though, we are given some very good action scenes especially the hilarious car chase scene.

Anthony Hopkins is just great in this one (I mean I’m sure I say that about everyone of his performances) but this was slightly different given the action comedy genres merged together. I mean come on he pulls off wearing a baseball cap, throws water about and is generally just fantastic. Chris Rock is quite a difficult one as he pretty much just shouts in whichever film role he is in, that is no different in this one but it does work ok opposite Hopkins as that creates the bigger comedy moments. Overall though it is so easy to just enjoy this one without putting a whole lot of thought into it.

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