Chain Reaction (1996) Review

Eddie Kasalivich and Dr. Lily Sinclair both working on a project for green alternative energy, but end up on the run when they are framed for murder.


The start of the film seems pretty normal and everyone working in the facility on the project seems happy enough in the work. Eddie works on the machines and had quite a bright future ahead of himself but had made bad choices and hence working on the machines. Although the job he was doing turned out to be rather important when he was the only person that could actually do something. Dr Lily is in the US from England and a scientist who has been well involved in the project.

The pair bond a little bit after work when Eddie accompanies Lily in a taxi when her car won’t start. He then needs to head back for his bike and as he is picking it up a massive explosion happens and because he was near the scene of the crime he was immediately put down as the prime suspect. Then we see Lily dragged into it as Lu Chen is reported as dead.

Paul Shannon is not exactly who he first appears to be and playing all sides off against each other. Eddie and Lily must battle to survive in the cold snowy/icy weather as they even end up on the water in one scene, the reason I am mentioning this one? Well, quite frankly it was a fantastic chase scene and very different to just the standard car chase! Thought it was rather impressive in all honesty. It attempts to have plenty of twists but quite frankly nothing groundbreaking or shocking, everything flowed well enough and it was watchable so I don’t think we really need much more than that for this action type film do we?

Keanu Reeves is very good in the film really driving it forward with his performance. I guess at this point in his career he was beginning to enter the action forte and it certainly works very well in his favour. Especially when it came to working with Rachel Weisz who really does look super young in this one! I thought she was effective enough and it was good to see them both working so well together. The absolute scene stealers though are Morgan Freeman (as always) and Brian Cox. The latter I actually forgot was even in the film as it took so long for him to appear.

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