The Preacher’s Wife (1996) Review

Reverend Henry Biggs is having a tough time with everything in his life, his church and family are falling apart and attempting to have an impact on the community. God is about to answer his prayers and sends down an angel named Dudley to help, but will he actually believe him?


Henry really has been trying to impact and help the community around his church which has become increasingly difficult with anti-social behaviour along with Joe Hamilton planning on demolishing the church and using the land to build a new shopping mall. Julia his wife is feeling the strain of her husbands situation on their marriage and does not really seem to think he cares about her anymore. Their son Jeremiah must cope with his best friend being moved far way, can Dudley actually manage to help out the Biggs family before it’s too late?

Dudley actually reveals that he is an angel to Henry on the first meeting but it is not something that he believes. I mean even a man of God isn’t going to believe someone saying they are an angel right? This then makes it a little bit more difficult to work out for Dudley as will he actually be able to get close enough to the family with how dismissive Henry was towards him.

Naturally Julia takes a shine to Dudley who is super charming and we actually eventually learn in a passing comment that he had died around thirty years before these events. He falls in love with her and it looks as though she is feeling the same towards him, something which is very much discouraged by Beverly who does not want her daughter to cheat on her husband.

The thing is with the relationship though it felt as though they both needed that friendship and or companionship at that exact moment and that’s why it did not actually feel massively wrong. Which I guess doesn’t make a lot of sense but that was the way it came across to me while watching the film.

It’s by know means a great film but given that Denzel Washington is pretty much an angel and Whitney Houston as the voice of an angel it all seems to balance out nicely. Courtney B. Vance was impressive in a somewhat George Bailey type role with Gregory Hines a convincing villain. Lionel Richie randomly pops up as well which I had no idea about him even being in the film.

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