Home Sweet Home Alone (2021) Review

When Pam and Jeff McKenzie are in the process of selling their house they believe Max Mercer stole a doll that just happens to be worth $200,000 dollars and now must break into his house to steal it not realising that he is Home Alone when the family went to Tokyo without him!


Max must therefore protect his home from the pair who will stop at nothing to try and get the doll back, he then sets up many traps and tricks to play on them. House alarm code that Jeff just happens to find out the day the family leave for the airport. Max was asleep in the car in the garage and no one noticed that he was not with them his mother Carol had apparently been on an early flight which I guess makes even less sense.

It was difficult at times with this pretty much being a direct remake of the much loved original Home Alone film, obviously the family destination had been changed from Paris, France to Tokyo Japan. Given the technology upgrades since 1990 a lot of these feature in the film as well. Although this time it’s not just random burglars as the McKenzie’s really do believe that Max stole this heirloom of a doll.

I struggled to make sense of that as surely any normal people would just ask for it back and try to get an answer, so it feels very forced and a strange way to change the people trying to break into the house. All of this does then try to win you back over in the end with the oh so overly sentimental moments. One part I will give it credit for is the link back to the original and having Buzz (yes really) being a Cop and claiming that his brother Kevin prank calls a kid being home alone each year, which was a little bit amusing.

When I first heard they were remaking Home Alone I was very dubious but with the casting of Archie Yates, who was just amazing in Jojo Rabbit I was a little bit interested, then the trailer hit and it looked god damn awful. While the film is not great or even all that good, it certainly was no where near as bad as I was expecting from the trailer. Still confirming that Lego is the worst thing you can ever stand on, ever! Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper were just awful and not likeable characters so the attempted redemption didn’t really work at all. I guess it’s even harder to believe in 2021 that someone could leave a child at home? Getting on a plane without them, when you’d have all the boarding passes and passports to check just would be difficult right?

Not so sweet but I am predicting that kids will like this a lot more than us adults who were kids when the original came out, as lets face it after the first two their has been more Home Alone films and I can openly admit that I haven’t watched any of them! Five altogether with this making it six?

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