Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) Review

Based on the very popular video game, bringing Lara Croft to life where she must recover powerful ancient artefacts and staying away from the villains who are against her.


I am pretty sure that over the years I have tried a few times to watch this film and never actually succeeded, however when going back through Daniel Craig’s back catalogue of films that I have eventually watched this full film. Thinking back to the video game, I actually just liked the training part in her garden with the different apparatus to climb on rather than the actual game.

Anyway the film isn’t all that great at all and at the time it was certainly made for the teenage boys who adored the character in the game and certain aspect were tailored for them with Jolie in that leading role. The thing is though is that it could have actually been a lot more entertaining and interesting. I guess this sums up what we got for action/adventure films in the late 90s and early 00s. Making you think of the companions to The Mummy and National Treasure.

Lara’s father Richard Croft was long missing and presumed to be dead but when he appears to her in a dream this is about to start off a series of events that she cannot help but be drawn to, the strange clock hidden in the manor is the start of everything. Crossing paths with Alex West who is another adventurer and American associate.

When Manfred Powell sees photos of the clock and claims he cannot identify it, but it then doesn’t take long for invaders to enter her house in an attempt to steal it. Everything that then happens from this point is part of a puzzle which they must crack in order to to reveal the secrets of the clock and tomb. It does have some anxiety inducing moments which has to be a plus that it manages to create that atmosphere.

Angelina Jolie does her best with the role but it is not an easy one to take on that’s for sure, she had the must needed sex appeal that came from the game. I know it feels very strange saying that about a game but it really did have a very strange fanbase and love from men. Daniel Craig with his American accent is decent enough and an action role giving a glimpse of what his Bond would become many years later. I actually didn’t remember Iain Glen being in it either which was a bonus! Not forgetting Jon Voight actually playing the father of his real life daughter as well.

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