Top 10 – Worst Films of 2021

With cinemas being closed for the majority of the year new 2021 films were also released to different streaming services as well, all of which are possibilities for my 2021 top 10 lists! Cinema list of 2021 HERE and you can also see all 2021 films HERE.

As always though I do get better at picking films to watch and knowing that I will probably not like certain films, although some have certainly slipped through the net. I would love to actually blame the lack of releases at the cinema for a couple of them, but as you will see I also made bad at home choices. Hey, a new film is a new film though right?

10. The Unforgivable (Review)

Maybe one day I will forgive Sandra Bullock for this awful film, seriously the timeline was so messed up that it just didn’t make any sense for her sister to not remember her and then not be allowed to talk to her even though she would have been at least 25 years old?!?! Oh and that twist, in an attempt to claw it all back.

9. Reminiscence (Review)

This film felt like it was about three or four different films all mashed up into one and it just couldn’t decide which genre it really wanted to be in. I mean a second film with Rebecca Ferguson singing to Hugh Jackman but this one went very weird, very quickly.

8. Space Jam: A New Legacy (Review)

I went with hope. That was very quickly crushed. I love Space Jam and it holds a special place in my heard being a favourite from childhood. Sometimes films should just be left alone right? How bizarre was it when all the characters including Pennywise rocked up to watch?

7. Cherry (Review)

I get it Tom Holland will be doing everything possible to get away from his Spider-Man/Peter Parker image, which probably won’t work. So with this he went all in going drug addict, ex-solider and the result was truly tragic.

6. Sweet Girl (Review)

This one had one of the must infuriating twists I have come across in film and I was rather excited about a new Jason Momoa film as well, seriously avoid this one (if you haven’t already).

5. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (Review)

This is one of those films I mentioned about seeing it at the cinema because not much else was on, I wasn’t a big fan of the first film but gave it a shot. It was so much worse than the first film and the ending was extremely annoying.

4. Home Sweet Home Alone (Review)

We were all dubious about this one right? Of course we were, considering it was a total remake of the original with a few attempts to change the narrative. I mean feeling sorry for people who are trying to break into someones house instead of just asking if the kid had it? Also Archie Yates was brilliant in Jojo Rabbit and deserved better than this film.

3. Chaos Walking (Review)

How can something with two of the hottest young stars go so terribly wrong? Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley should have been a dream pair, yet the terrible storyline and the way the concept came across was just unbearable.

2. He’s All That (Review)

Gender swapping roles to remake a film seems to be one of the in things and can actual provide a good update when done right. This was worse than you had even heard! Everything about it was just offensive and maybe if I had realised that Addison Rae was a social media / influencer in real life and therefore not much different to her character I might have avoided it. Quite frankly I watched it to see if it was as bad as I had heard, it was worse. It’s actually amazing this isn’t in the number one spot but . . .

1. Father Christmas is Back (Review)

Is quite frankly one of the worst films I have EVER put myself through. The acting was truly awful and each character was horrid. I actually felt embarrassed for Elizabeth Taylor and I don’t know who anyone was kidding thinking they could get away with her character being pregnant and it not being impossible due to her age?!?! Kelsey Grammer has made some awful choices in recent years and this is certainly pushed even those boundaries. Usually the cheesy Christmas films you can accept aren’t going to be all that great but are still watchable this one was not. I mean I somehow got to the end, but only because I had committed myself to the film. If this one pops up for you to watch around Christmas time, please do not watch it.

What were the worst films you watched in 2021?

10 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2021

  1. I haven’t watched any of these films. I refuse to watch the new Space Jam as I’m a MJ/Kobe/Kareem guy. Lebron ain’t the king. Plus, why is it they decide to not have Pepe LePew because he’s offensive yet they have the Droogs from A Clockwork Orange and the nuns from The Devils as the latter still hasn’t been released on Blu-Ray on its director’s cut? That’s some fucking bullshit.

    I know some 2021 films I hope to never watch: Dear Evan Hansen, Cinderella, and Music.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad for you that you haven’t watched any of them! I managed to avoid Music, heard so many bad things about that one! I did see Dear Evan Hansen and thought it was ok.

      Liked by 1 person

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