Weird Science (1985) Review


Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly have no luck with girls and are ridiculed at school. One night they use a computer programme to create their perfect woman. When something crazy happens and she comes to life she becomes a nightmare for the pair!


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Pretty in Pink (1986) Review


Andie is a poor girl and is made fun of constantly at school by the popular rich kids, mainly due to her clothing which she just happens to make herself. She then has some decisions to make when she falls for Blane and upsets her best friend Duckie in the process.


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Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) Review


Neal Page is struggling to get home in time for Thanksgiving when his flight from New York to Chicago is delayed and then they have to land somewhere else. He then cannot get away from Del Griffith who has constantly made the journey more difficult.


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