Red Notice (2021) Review

FBI top profiler John Hartley must capture the world’s most wanted art thief known as “The Bishop”, under a Red Notice which is the highest level warrant. To do this he must work with Nolan Booth the world’s greatest art thief.


Red Notice has broken Netflix Film records as it became the most watched film on its debut weekend and I can also say that I added to that record as I watched it on the Saturday night. I mean who didn’t want to watch the film with these three leads, who would usually see their films released on the big screen so it was always going to be a huge pull for Netflix. Unfortunately though I felt the film fell extremely flat on so many levels and felt like a very sub standard Ocean’s film, as well as feeling like another addition to the Hitman’s Bodyguard films as well.

As Hartley is attempting to do his job it doesn’t take long for him to end up in prison when he is set up and as you can easily guess he ends up in a cell with Booth and this is when a very strange relationship begins between the pair. Hartley must actually work with and come somewhat friends with a man he was actually trying to also capture along with The Bishop. Each scene became more predictable than the next and nothing was a surprise.

I seriously love the films that The Rock and Ryan Reynolds in as they have so much charisma and just quite frankly manage to make you happy when you are watching, I just didn’t feel that with this film and was actually tempted to switch it off. I also feel a bit for Gal Gadot as I felt her character was very thin and that she is not been given the best roles coming off her Wonder Woman fame.

Extreme disappointment is probably the best way to describe this film, I thought it was going to be perfect Saturday night viewing and I was just left a little bit bored and wondering if I should have watched something else instead. Although I did add to the record breaking views!

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