An Innocent Man (1989) Review

When Jimmie Rainwood is framed by two corrupt cops for drugs, he must survive his prison sentence and then get his revenge, supported by his wife Kate who will not stop fighting to prove his innocence when he is locked up.


Jimmie just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, although that place was actually his own home when the cops break in after getting the address wrong expecting to find a major drug dealer. Instead of just admitting their horrendous mistake they frame him anyway stating that he is a drug dealer and shot them, despite not owning a gun and having a hair dryer in his hand at the time!

It certainly pushes him to his limits as they seedy prison he is sent to is horrible and he must battle to survive. Becoming someone he never thought was even possible, but prison life is not at all like the real world and everything would get a whole lot worse for him if he didn’t do a few of the things he is told to do. It’s actually quite horrendous when you think about how easy it is for police to frame someone when they are that corrupt.

Virgil Cane actually becomes a man who supports and helps Jimmie, even if one of his first major lessons is that he must actually help himself and not let others push him around or that would be the end of his life as he had ever known it. The thought of eventually getting out and making the cops pay for taking his life away was certainly something that pushed him every single day.

Kate attempting to prove the cops were corrupt was not going well for her either, with the constant threats from them and putting her own safety at massive risk but that is surely something anyone would try to do when knowing that he was actually innocent? I certainly would think so.

I enjoyed Tom Selleck in this leading role and thought he showed very good and interesting character development throughout the film. Feeling believable and and someone as a viewer we could really get behind due to his relatable and real feeling like an average and normal person. Laila Robins offers some very good support as well, both on her own and opposite Selleck.

2 thoughts on “An Innocent Man (1989) Review

  1. I think I saw this was put onto Disney + and I was unsure about it. I’m kind of curious now even though it doesn’t sound great it does seem like an enjoyable watch all the same! Great review and recomendation 😁

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