Fatherhood (2021) Review

Matt Logelin must bring up his baby daughter Maddy up alone when his wife dies the day after giving birth. An emotional rollercoaster of a journey on how he deals with everything and the struggles along the way.


It’s probably not a new or unique story but the manner in which the scenes are done creates quite a nice and watchable film. Might even push you to the verge of tears at times, yes I was certainly one of those. I didn’t have any idea what the film was about before stumbling across it on Netflix and that probably was actually a really good thing in all honesty.

It brings together the trauma of losing a loved one and the impact that has when having a new baby. We are still very much in the mindset that men do not do the same amount for a baby as women do (I know that’s not always the case but its still very much like that). We have over the years seen plenty of films and TV shows with fathers gone but still not too many without the mother. It is still seen as a bigger loss and this film helps to highlight the struggles a man might just have on his own, but that he is more than capable of working it all out.

The story stems over many years from Maddy being a baby to then a young girl, as Matt battles for promotions and keeping his good job. Despite calls from his family. including his parents and his in laws of moving back to be closer to them. His determination to do it all really was a joy to watch and created an interesting storyline. Backed up by his close friends as well, really does create some funny and amusing moments especially as Maddy gets older. She manages to keep them in check a little bit as well, how would another woman coming into the picture work out though?

Kevin Hart really does deserve a lot of credit for his performance in this film, it is easily a career best and he was given the perfect opportunity to showcase his acting ability. I always just thought he was typecast in a comedy role and that was all he would ever really be, the same character over and over again. Fatherhood sees him branch out from that and his performance is fantastic. A nice performance from Melody Hurd as well who works so well with Hart creating a lovely father/daughter relationship on screen.

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