The ‘Burbs (1989) Review


Ray Peterson and his neighbours grow very curious to who the new comers in the estate are, convincing themselves that they are part of a murderous satanic cult!

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Say Anything . . . (1989) Review

This is definatly one of those movies that you feel like you know before you have even seen it. I felt that way about this movie, with the whole “In Your Eyes” stereo holding scene. That is a very lovely moment in this movie, but there is a lot more too it than that scene. It is about growing up, falling in love for the first time, making decisions and finding out people (or the world) is not exactly what you thought they were or is.

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Field of Dreams (1989) Review

Build it and he will come

Yes, I am a massive Kevin Costner fan and I eventually got to watch this movie last night and found it so lovely and inspiring. Inspiring in the way of trying to encourage everyone to take chances on having their dreams come true, rather than regret not trying in years to come. So its kinda you should live for the moment and do everything you can to be happy.

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