The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976) Review

Rynn Jacobs is only 13 years old and lives alone in a small town in Quebec, but this is unknown to her neighbours as they think her father is always busy working. She has a big secret and a rather dangerous life.


Considering the poster actually spoils some of the plot that I had no idea about before watching the film I guess anything can be talked about when it comes to the film. It is a very tough one to watch given some of the storyline, that being Frank Hallet being a total creep! So much so and the uncomfortable nature of any scene he is in makes it horrible to watch as he tries to get closer to Rynn.

We slowly get to find out that Rynn is actually living alone, something that you will think about considering we never actually she her father on screen. He is supposed to be working and writing his poetry in the study or upstairs sleeping. Which then raises the questions of how long a 13 year old can go on living alone and not attending school. She was studying different subject areas and very switched on but that is not really how she should have been living.

Meeting Officer Ron Miglioriti and his nephew Mario would change her life for the better. Especially considering Ron has been watching Frank for years now and attempting to keep him away from young girls. This was something his mother Cora Hallet knew about and tried her best to keep quiet. She was the landlady for the house Rynn was living in and started to ask serious questions about her father.

While it is a tough to watch film given the different subjects ranging from murder, underaged sex and paedophilia. Obviously none of these topics are nice at all and hard to take, I seriously don’t think that a film like this one would be made now. Way too risqué with everything that happens. Especially considering the nudity scene Jodie Foster is placed in, although it was her 20 year old sister as the body double. That is not something you will know when casually watching the film. I can fully understand why she was not happy with the way she was treated for this film.

Leading into that though the four stars I rated this film were totally for Jodie Foster’s truly outstanding performance. A very impressive one from the young actress who was 13 herself the same as her character when filming. She leads every single scene like its nothing and has an incredible presence. Considering his truly creepy nature Martin Sheen needs to be mentioned for his performance as well, even if it did make me feel extremely uncomfortable.

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