Black Water: Abyss (2020) Review

When five friends decide to explore some of the remote caves in Northern Australia was never going to be straight forward when they become trapped with some crocodiles.


I always enjoy this type of film and they are usually a bit crazy at times as well. Unfortunately Black Water: Abyss fails in every possible way, to begin with I felt the built up to seeing the crocodile for the first time was decent but it actually took around half an hour and disappeared for a very long time again.

The characters were not really likeable at all and the fact that no-one actually knew they were heading into the caves was just frankly stupid right? Throw in bad asthma sufferer and someone who had just found out she was pregnant. Then the twist of who the father was towards the end made me wonder how Jennifer didn’t just leave Yolanda? Anyway I didn’t really care at all by that point and was just pleased it was eventually over.

The tension is not built up enough and the shots of the crocodile is very poor. taking a long time for it to appear and let’s just face it another crocodile film after the truly fantastic Crawl was always going to be impossible to follow! *Yes I am aware they are actually alligators in Crawl*

The worst thing was if this type of film is that bad then it often becomes rather funny and amusing. That was certainly not the case for this film. I am actually really pleased that I did not see this between the lockdowns when the cinemas reopened (briefly) in the UK. As if I had fully paid to watch this I think it would have made it even worse! It is on Netflix now which is a fast turn around but considering the climate understandable.

Something quite interesting that albeit the film has not really been seen by too many people on Rotten Tomatoes the audience score is 9% which certainly shows that people have not enjoyed this and feel the same way as I did about it. I find that reassuring that I haven’t been too harsh on it. The critic score is actually a very high 45% so let’s stick to the audience score for this one, mainly because I would imagine the people who have watched it so far usually enjoy this genre and type of film.

4 thoughts on “Black Water: Abyss (2020) Review

  1. There’s something about water-based films that I just love (in fact, I did a new Letterboxd list on it recently) so I wanted to watch this.
    I completely agree with your review – it’s hella bad. They pile on the drama (killer croc! flood! affair!) but it’s not very dramatic.

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    • I don’t think how good Crawl was helped, as I was expecting better from this one. I was just like WTF with the pregnancy storyline and who the father of the baby was?!?!


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