Safety (2020) Review

Based on the true story of Ray-Ray McElrathbey a freshman football player for Clemson University who was on a full scholarship and attempted to hide the fact that his brother was living on campus with him after their mother was in rehab.


Everything about Safety was utterly inspiring and while I know considering it was made for Disney and premiered on Disney+ it has probably dialled down more of the hard hitting moments that happened in real life. Given the mother was a drug addict and had to agree to rehab. This left Fahmarr on his own and then the only option going into foster care. Ray had just started at Clemson University and was doing everything possible to train hard and study even harder to keep his grades up and make the team.

When his brother needed his help he couldn’t abandon him. So the thirty day period was going to be trying to sneak him on and off campus into the room and make him attend a new school. His roommate and teammate Daniel Morelli quickly helped with this as did a few more of the team. Although everything would kick off a little bit when the coaching team found out. They actually wanted to try and help and this leads to an apartment off campus but attempting to help the pair would lead to Ray possibly having to leave the University. Due to so many rules around financial aid and support.

The love between the brothers was truly lovely and inspiring this was something that I truly adored about the film. The fact he was only 18 and became a father to his younger brother as well. The scene getting their mother to sign the papers was quite a difficult one as well.

The football side was very intense and I felt this is the best action I have seen from on field games in American Football based films. The camera angles were fantastic to capture the different moments. It not only highlighted the importance of sports but also the importance of being part of a team with strong coaches who are willing to help out the athletes the work with in life as well as sport. Looking after the people as well as them as players. The way the team bands together was also on another level and I seriously could have cried happy tears at the end. When they give Fahmarr the 4.5 numbered jersey!

Jay Reeves was great in the leading role and not given an easy part to adapt to but I thought he did it all in the best possible manner. Working so well with Thaddeus J. Mixson as well creating what felt like a true real relationship. Another stand out was James Badge Dale as Coach Tommy Bowden.

I had no idea about the backstory of the film and was truly taken in by it all and throughly enjoyed this film from start to finish. An inspiring story about a truly remarkable young man.

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