Let It Snow (2019) Review


On Christmas Eve in a small town a snowstorm brings a group of young people together, where love, friendship and a little big of Christmas magic will ensure they think about things differently by the end of the night.


This film is part of the Netflix 2019 Christmas schedule and the second to receive a premiere. I personally think this is a very good addition as well, moving it to a different level. Not your typical cheesy Christmas film as it has plenty of different characters and sub-plots that are all interwoven into the main plot. While these are by no means groundbreaking they make it good to watch and think about the different things everyone goes through.

I am not going to go into massive details for each of the characters but it does contain plenty of different issues to think about. I thought the lesbian relationship plot was a particular highlight as it reminds you that even in 2019 some people are still not fully secure admitting their sexuality and afraid of the way friends might react. The best thing? Well, your friends probably already know even if you don’t think they do. So that created for some very good scenes, I’d even put that part on level with how Love, Simon handles the teenage/high school issues.

We are given more 2019 style issues when it comes to social media and the party at “Affle House” being promoted on it. Along with upset when someone is found liking another girls photos. Seriously this is first world problems now right? Another reason I am pleased when I was a teenager we had just started getting mobile phones (pay as you go) and could only use MSN when on a computer. That is all carried around and used 24/7 now I really don’t think I could have coped with that. Anyway this is all part of this film as well just as a reminder that everything is different now.

Something that I found very impressive about this film was the cast that they put together and I recognised so many of the young actors from different productions over the past year. I think that will ensure that it is relevant, even if the actors are mainly in their 20s and playing teenagers. But that is nothing new at all is it? Kiernan Shipka being in Sabrina, Jacob Batalon being in Spider-Man and Isabella Merced being in Dora. Along with plenty more I recognised but those are probably the biggest franchises. Not forgetting that we get Joan Cusack as an absolute bonus, she really is great as “Tin Foil Woman” just holding some of the scenes together and acting as a voice of reason.

Overall, I found this to have a good equal amount of different relationships and that includes both love, friendship and family. All of which are important all year round but it is something that for whatever reason people find to be more important over the festive period. Something that I don’t fully understand, but I can understand that this has resulted in a very nice and watchable film.

2 thoughts on “Let It Snow (2019) Review

  1. I read the book a couple of years ago and it was just the right amount of festive cheese for me. It was only recently that I saw that Netflix was adapting it into a film and I can see the appeal, especially with some of the casting choices they made. It might just be my next Friday Night film.

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