Call Me Mrs. Miracle (2010) Review


Emily Merkle also known as Mrs. Miracle has magic to help turn peoples lives around at Christmas time and make them realise that they can be totally happy. Suddenly taking a job in Finley’s department store to help save, well everyone.

*Miracle in Manhattan (other title)*


I actually found this film to have so much charm and lovely moments that it can certainly be classed as a good cheesy Christmas film! That is without a doubt all down to Doris Roberts who is Mrs. Miracle, let’s face it we all know her as the mother in Everybody Loves Raymond and that is the main reason I decided to watch this film, she is incredible in that and has the same impact in this one.

I didn’t actually realise until after watching the film that it is indeed a sequel, so I have managed to find the first film as well. So the reviews are going to come in reverse order, I honestly don’t think that will have a huge impact or anything though!

Jake Finley is working for his father and has not stocked the biggest toy that people want over Christmas, that has led to his job being on the line if he does not sell everything else out in the toy department over the festive period. His father has not celebrated Christmas in 20 years since his wife and Jake’s mother was killed on Christmas Eve. This obviously is building up towards an incredible turn around.

Holly is not particularly happy in her ova considering she could offer so much more than her boss is allowing her. A fashion designer who thinks only people up to size 10 should wear her range, again more lessons that will be made possible thanks to Mrs. Miracle. She shows up just at the right time in order to sort everyone out for Christmas, like a know Christmas miracle!

It has plenty of cliches throughout but in such a good way that I felt like some of it could actually happen. Not something you often think of these Hallmark cheesefest christmas drama romances. I seriously think we need to have its own genre sorted out as it is on a different level to anything else, totally a unique form of film that everyone secretly enjoys. Even if that means they watch one a year.

Having New York as the setting certainly adds to the magic of the miracles that are going to take place from start to finish. I would certainly say this would be a good choice if you aren’t the biggest fan of these over the top sentimental films.  Predictable but isn’t that another reason these are so popular that you don’t have to fully pay attention to the plot as it is usually thin and kinda still goes off the whole Scrooge thing as not being into the festive period and then having a turn around with a miracle and everything being fine and sorted for Christmas Day, not like that is in anyway related to actual real life.

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