Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone who follows and supports Let’s Go To The Movies, I hope you have a fantastic time celebrating in which ever way you enjoy! Don’t forget to look up!

All The Best, Caz

Netflix Secret Codes – Christmas Edition!

Want your Christmas film fix made easier? Here are the codes to find the films by the different genres! (CLICK HERE FOR GENERAL CODES)

To view the categories, go to and enter the category code (listed below) at the end of the URL


British Christmas Children and Family Films  – 1527064

Canadian Christmas Children and Family Films  – 1721544

Christmas Children and Family Films  – 1474017

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A Gingerbread Romance (2018) Review


Taylor Scott is an architect and with only a few weeks until Christmas the firm she works for enters a contest to build life sized gingerbread houses, she must find a baker to help her win. A possible promotion rides on this for her and baker Adam Dale is the man that agrees to work with her.


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Christmas Break-In (2018) Review


Izzy is 9 years old and she is left at school when her parents forget to pick her up on time (again) and she must stay at the school telling Ray the caretaker (and her guitar teacher) that they are almost there to pick her up. A massive blizzard makes it more complicated and when some bad guys turn up it becomes Home Alone in a school . . .


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