Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) Review


Ferris Bueller fancies having a day off from High School deceiving his parents, sister and most importantly the Principal who does not believe for a second that he is really sick.


Ferris has a very big plan to get a day off to enjoy with his best friend Cameron and girlfriend Sloane. This makes for a tricky situation as she is already at school, so faking a death and pretending to be her father is all part of the plan to head into Chicago for the day. Isn’t this something everyone dreamed of doing at some point when they were at school? Having the day off to actually have some fun and a good time. Although it did make me wonder how many more people wanted to then do a Ferris Bueller after seeing this film!

Ed Rooney the principal does not believe his story of being sick and will stop at nothing to catch him out. Although Ferris is always two steps ahead of him. It certainly does create for some very good and amusing moments. Along with Jeanie his sister not being convinced her brother is actually telling the truth she sets out to also catch him out, getting herself in plenty of trouble along the way.

Pulling Cameron into his plan for the day this sees them taking his fathers most prized possession, a Ferrari car and from that first moment we just know that something bad is going to happen to it. This film as plenty of links to other John Hughes films and I love the small details, with just the posters on his bedroom wall. It makes everything feel that much more personal.

It is another film from the John Hughes era that really does work out so well with amazing performances and a good story at the core. Matthew Broderick is a joy to watch in the leading role and covers so many different things throughout, a particular highlight had to be the parade scene. I also got a nice kick out of Willis Tower, although should have watched this before my recent Chicago trip! Alan Ruck and Mia Sara are perfect in the supporting roles alongside Broderick and they really do create such a good unit.

I feel like I must admit that this is not the first time I have tried to watch this film, I must have seen the first 15/20 minutes a few times now. But eventually I have watched the whole film and found it extremely enjoyable from start to finish. It really is one of those very good 80s films and I can fully appreciate and understand why it is now regarded as a classic and must watch. I can totally imagine doing a similar thing to The Breakfast Club, where I ended up watching it a few times in quite short space of time. I guess that is the genius of John Hughes and creating such an amazing form of escapism in his films. I might be super late to the party but I have arrived and loved it!


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