Avengers: Endgame (2019) Review


After the events set by Thanos in Infinity War the universe and especially Earth is in ruins. The remaining Avengers must assemble once more in order to save everything.


This is it the epic conclusion to 11 years of cinema going and falling in love with the Marvel Universe. The incredible characters we have had so many hours of film of and support so much. We are in the Endgame now, something Dr Strange utters in Infinity War and he was perfectly right. This is the Endgame and it is fantastic from start to finish.

Quite a lot was made about the 3 hour running time as we just don’t get many films breaking that amount of time anymore, this is something that was needed in order to give the Avengers the much needed screen time they truly deserve. I can confirm that it does not feel that long at all, the film flies over with the story all moving at a great pace.

This review will not contain any spoilers and I know that means it is going to be so tough to then put into words just how good everything is in the film. We are taken back to different time frames that we all know very well from previous films, just showing that some moments we might not have thought too much about really do play a bigger part than we could have every imagined. I thought that was brilliant to bring everything full circle and really mark off some moments and characters.

We have all invested so much time and effort over the years following the universe and everyone truly cares, which is why we all must vow not to spoil the Endgame. I cannot think of anything worse than not being able to enjoy and see everything unfold, everyone truly deserves that! Everyone is fully emotional attached at this point and that is what makes it even better, the events in Infinity War hit hard and it is fantastic to see so many small things pulled together in Endgame.

As you have probably worked out I really did love this film, I thought it moved at the perfect pace, good action sequences and giving fans an experience they truly deserve. The buzz around the film is huge and it is more than deserved in all honesty. I already cannot wait to see it again, it’s not very often that you get this excited to see a film. I am even going to use the word epic!

Whatever it takes . . .

That is something we hear the characters say quite a lot during the film and it really is a great line and more than deserved. We get the comedy moments which Marvel has been renowned for throughout. But its not overloaded and forced too much, as we enter many emotional moments with these amazing characters. I actually love how a couple of the characters we might not have regarded as huge within the series really get a chance to shine in this one, I adored that!

A truly outstanding film that just shows how far Marvel have come and taken the whole comic book genre to an amazing epic level.


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