Greta (2018) Review


Frances McCullen thought she was doing a good dead when she found a bag on the Subway and returned it to its owner Greta Hideg and feels sorry for the lonely old woman, until things take a more sinister turn.


Is the main moral of this story that you shouldn’t actually help a stranger? I think that it would make you think twice about it as you never know if they are going to be totally nuts. Although I guess you could just take the bag to the police, instead of dropping it off at the person’s house.

Erica Penn who was best friends and roommates with Frances tried to warn her that the situation was a little bit strange. That Greta sending her messages and wanting to spend more time with her was a little bit creepy. This is something that Frances does not see to begin with. But when she finds identical bags in a cupboard so freaks out and realises that Greta is not as lovely as she may first seem. Constantly talking about her daughter and then she begins to stalk Frances.

The main problem with this film is that they spoil too much of it in the trailer. It then does not have the same impact when you are watching the full film. I thought it looked utterly terrifying when watching the trailer but then watching the actual film I felt as though it was then missing that edge. Maybe because we had already seen it so many times before that? I am not entering sure but the film certainly falls flat into its second half.

It also leaves us with too many unanswered questions and I don’t feel that is a good move in this type of film. What happened afterwards and quite frankly why did she do it? Other than being totally nuts? That was how I felt at the end, although considering the running time was not massive it certainly felt a hell of a lot longer which again is not a good thing at all. So maybe never help an old lonely woman as she might just be trying to use you in her twisted existence!

Isabelle Huppert was creepy enough during the first part of the film and I feel as though if the stalking side had gone on for a bit longer it would have been a much better film in terms of it being scary and jumpy. I have always enjoyed watching Chloe Grace Moretz grow as an actress and this was another slightly different type of role. I guess I don’t really have a massive amount of positive things to say about this film to be brutally honest, it just was nothing to me really.

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