Children of Men (2006) Review


In 2027 the world has turned into a very dark place women have become infertile and the youngest person alive has just been murdered at the age of 18. Theo Faron a former activist agrees to help out when asked by ex-wife Julian, he didn’t realise that everything that was going on was to protect a pregnant woman!


I remember seeing this film when it opened at the cinema and not really appreciating as much as I do now, having watched it again I really do think this is an outstanding film. Extremely thought provoking to think about a future world which even now 12 years later some of this film might actually have happened. In terms of the immigrants and everything that happened in France and across the border to the UK.

The film begins with Baby Diego the last baby to be born being murdered as he refused to take photos with “fans” his fame was huge with him being the youngest person in the world. This causes outrage and more panic amongst the people who are really struggling to come to terms with this.

Theo had his own issues especially when ex-wife Julian shows up, having not seen each other for decades. They lost an infant son Dylan during a flu epidemic in 2008, this drove them apart as they could not cope with the grief and trauma of the event. However with what Julian had discovered with Kee and somehow she had gotten pregnant. Miriam a former midwife is with them as well.

Julian had a big group surrounding her but when they have other plans for the baby and want to use it as a weapon, everything becomes much more complex and starts plenty of events. This leaves Theo to pick up her work and really push forward with everything supporting Kee. Could a baby reunite and give hope to this world that is falling apart?

I have always thought Clive Owen was fantastic in this film and did such an amazing job in the leading role. Carrying the film in a brilliant way, I loved the scenes with Michael Caine as Jasper. I thought that showed a very good and positive relationship in such a horrendous world. A world which now with Brexit going on I guess parts are what things could develop into? Ok, that is being very dramatic but some of it could be a less drastic version of what we see in this film.

If you haven’t watched this film for many years I really would recommend it again as I certainly appreciate it so much more now compared to seeing it on its release and not being too fussed about it. Also a small thing for any from Newcastle we get a small part of the Blaydon Races being sung at one point by Charlie Hunnam! I did actually remember that part when it came on again, but yes watch this film again and appreciate how brilliant it is from start to finish sometimes we need to give films a second chance years later!

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