The Guardian (2006) Review

When Jake Fischer a former high school swimming champion enrols with the US Coast Guard on the “A” School programme he is about to be taught some very hard lessons not only with his training but about life, love and loss with legendary rescue swimmer Ben Randall as his instructor.


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Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Review

When Olive is accepted into a beauty pageant which was her ultimate dream, her family agree to a cross-country trip in their VW bus. They are all far from perfect and each have issues and problems that will be fully addressed during the trip.


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A Good Year (2006) Review

Max Skinner is a British investment broker who takes no prisoners and is generally not the nicest of men, when he inherits his uncle’s chateau and vineyard in Provence where he spent most of his childhood the memories return when he travels across with the renovate the estate in order to sell it.


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The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Review

Andy Sachs is a smart new graduate who wants nothing more than to be a journalist in New York, she takes an assistant job for Miranda Priestly who is a very demanding editor at Runaway a high fashion magazine. Claiming she has no interest in fashion it is a very interesting choice for Andy.


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#FridayFakeCinemaClub – Friday 12th Feb 2021 = Snakes on a Plane

Welcome to week 6! That’s right everybody we are going back in time for this weeks Friday Fake Cinema Club, I always had this planned when seeing Netflix were going to have it added (again, as I am sure it has been on the streaming service before). I still remember seeing it at the cinema back in 2006, it instantly became a cult film with myself and friends.

Starring: The main man Samuel L. Jackson its a total crazy and fun ride, also lets face it snakes on an actual plane would be one of the worst things ever wouldn’t it!

Plot: Snakes on a plane

Start time: 8pm
Streaming Service: Netflix UK


Quote: Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa from 2006 was the first Rocky film that I managed to see on the big screen at the cinema on its original release. I went back to witness it all again last week before Cineworld closed and I still throughly enjoy the sixth film in the franchise. This quote below is certainly one of the best! That is something that we need to think about everyday right?

Rocky Balboa (2006) Review

Rocky Balboa has been long retired and trying to cope without his wife Adrian who had passed away, while balancing a restaurant and his strained relationship with his son Robert. A virtual boxing match which sees Rocky defeat current champion Mason Dixon, leads to a challenge and a return to the ring for the Italian Stallion.


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