What Happened to Monday (2017) Review


*Original Title – Seven Sisters*

In the not so distant future due to over population families are limited to only having one child. A set of identical septuplets have taken on one identity in a battle to survive and evade the government that they exist, avoiding being put to sleep.


Terrence Settman takes a huge risk when he finds out his daughter had seven babies and does everything possible to protect them from being taken away from him and each other. Each girl is given a day of the week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is the name they call each other as that is the day they go out into the world. Having to inform the others of exactly what happened to them every single little detail.

As they have gotten older though they are just not content with having a day a week and part of a life, they want more, love, their own career and to be happy. It is a pretty interesting concept and I found myself engrossed and engaged in the film from the start to the interesting ending. When Monday suddenly disappears the other sisters are left wondering if she is dead or alive, and that sparks some very brutal moments to follow. As they are hunted by the Child Allocation Bureau led by Nicolette Cayman who is not everything she first seems.

I was very impressed with Noomi Rapace as it certainly could not have been easy filming this one, having to be all seven of the sisters it must have been the biggest nightmare to film and get right. I know that possibly seems like a very strange thing to have been thinking about but can you imagine how many different takes for each angle and the characters would have to be done. As while she was playing the same character as the sisters each had a different personality which I think made the film more enjoyable.

As I mentioned earlier an interesting concept to try to deal with the over population by one child families, although not something that could be so easily done. But in the future we just have no idea what might happen. I was also impressed with Glenn Close, but I guess that is nothing new really she is a pretty outstanding actress and has been brilliant in each and every role I have seen her in over the years. I did wish we got to see more of her in this one though, she did steal a few scenes.

I am therefore going to place this film into the good to come from the Netflix original collection as it dared to be a little different, had interesting concepts behind the story and some good action scenes. I will admit that I seem to always get drawn into sci-fi films and find them very interesting this one was no different, I am sure it would have done pretty well had it been a film that got a cinema release!


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