The Big Sick (2017) Review


Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani and grad student Emily Gordon fall in love but it isn’t that simple with a culture clash, then an illness which puts her in a coma. Kumail must try to deal with everything as his parents continue to present him with potential wives for an arranged marriage.


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Stage Door – Cassidy Janson

Since seeing Beautiful in October 2016, I have now seen it four times and that is without a doubt because of Cassidy Janson, although my timing was bad for the third time as she was on holiday.

Her performance of Carole King has absolutely blown me away with her amazing acting ability and that voice! The way she goes for it with the different songs is truly outstanding. So on closing night it was a true honour to get to meet her at the stage door and have her sign my programme and the photo below.


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