Trolls (2016) Review


After the Bergens invade Troll Village and take some of the trolls, Poppy takes a stand to rescue them and using her extremely positive happy attitude to believe in herself. Along with Branch who is a rather sad Troll.


Feel free to judge me for watching this film out of choice on Sky Cinema, but it was Saturday morning and it was the new Premiere of the day and it just felt like a very easy watch. That it certainly is, however I am going to admit that I actually quite liked it. The musical numbers of new and old songs just worked so well into the story and come on you all know how much I love musicals. That is what this felt like with small Trolls that look slightly different to those I had as toys when I was a kid.

It was an engaging film, while the story of trying to save other trolls from being eaten by Bergens might be a little bit strange that didn’t really matter. It actually allowed for some pretty good life lessons to be placed into the film, giving parts of it a pretty deep outlook. How to deal with loss is certainly a big part of it, along with believing in yourself. Having friends and spending time with them. I mean I might be looking at some of it in a very deep way but I certainly thought it tried very hard to have many messages.

This film is certainly one of the better we have had in the animation genre in my opinion, which I am pretty surprised about when I did not even think about going to see it at the cinema at all. I do like it when they have some interesting messages and concepts to go along with the story and fun. Because lets face it this is such a fun and colour film.

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake do great jobs as the leading voices for the Trolls and I think that is certainly something that gives it the extra edge. Especially for the singing of the different songs, mixing the emotions up. I actually found myself laughing out loud at times, but then it has some heartwarming moments as well. Pretty impressive for a film based around Trolls and hoping that they aren’t going to be eaten.

I guess it is always nice to be surprised by a film you really aren’t expecting much from at all. Especially when you can place it as a film that makes you happy, because come on being happy is the best isn’t it! I never would have thought in films terms Trolls would have made me happy either. So unexpected happiness is even better! I am therefore quite curious to how others found this one, if you went to the cinema or have caught it on Sky Cinema in the UK over the weekend. Let me know in the comments below, I want to know I am not alone in finding this a joy to watch!

2 thoughts on “Trolls (2016) Review

  1. You’ve basically had the same reaction to this film like me and my girlfriend did. She went to see it at the cinema as she had to write a review on it for a film site and she was expecting to full on hate it but ended up loving it. She made me watch it at home on bluray where I expected to hate it but surprisingly I found it to be really fun and entertaining. Never expected it to happen!

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