Back to the Future (1985) Review


Marty McFly is accidentally sent 30 years into the past in a time travelling DeLorean invented by his close friend Doc Brown. The problems happen when he risks his own chance of life by interfering with his parents first meeting.


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7 Reasons You Should See Young Frankenstein the Musical


I was lucky enough to get to see this incredible show three times when it held previews in Newcastle, I fell in love with the show and thought I would put together a list with some reasons why you just have to see it in the West End. It opens at the Garrick Theatre tonight for previews.

I don’t really remember a musical really pushing itself on TV shows like this one has to help raise awareness and publicise the show. Something that I think it just wonderful, more shows should do this like they do with films and having the actors talk about it. I would love to see more shows follow this lead to really get Theatre out more on prime chat shows!

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Theatre: Patti LuPone returns to the West End!


Super exciting news broke last night that Broadway Legend Patti LuPone would be returning to London after a 25 year absence. I am such a huge fan and was lucky enough to get to see her in War Paint on my New York trip back in July. So to hear she was then going to be coming to London was very exciting. That also means I have already bought a ticket for October 2018. Yes, really.

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