Baby Driver (2017) Review


Paying back a debt to a crime boss Baby is the getaway driver who must really make some changes in his life before it is too late, constantly listening to music and haunted by his past.


Every once in a while a truly unique and special film comes along. Baby Driver is one of those films, honestly it was so fresh and different. Managing to have a very crazy side to it as well when we hit the final third.

Baby had some debt to payback to Doc and he must therefore do a lot of jobs for him as the driver, he is a killer driver I must add which gives us some fantastic car chase scenes and moments. One at the very start as well which was well just outstanding, really setting the standard for the film very high. The good thing is though that it certainly followed all of that up very well, keeping the impressive pace going along very nicely.

Not forgetting about that killer track that you need! Baby had some personal issues going on never recovering from the death of his mother, trying to look after his disabled/deaf foster-father and constantly listening to music to drown out the constant buzz he has in his ear. The thing with that is that we get some truly fantastic music throughout the film. I was very impressed by the range of music they played and it was brilliant to watch, don’t we all feel like the way Baby acted when we have headphones in? Of course we do, how many times have you wanted to dance around places and sing-a-long? As I know I have always wanted to do just that!

Ansel Elgort was very good in the leading role and starting to show that he really does have what it takes to be a leading man. Kevin Spacey was back on top form as Doc stealing a lot of scenes, which is great to watch again. Jon Hamm certainly does have something great about him and in this crazy role it was great to see. He wasn’t the craziest though that was reserved for Bats played by Jamie Foxx, he was absolutely mental and took the film to a very crazy edge.

Edgar Wright dared to be different writing and directing this very original, entertaining and enjoyable film. Combining so many different genres into one impressive film. Not forgetting the romance which was not overdone and managed to be very cute. A huge well done to Cineworld for treating Unlimited member to an advanced Unlimited Screening the night before the UK Premiere! It certainly contains everything you want in a film on the big screen.

I certainly think I am going to be tempted to buy the soundtrack as well, honestly it was all just so good. Actually forgot how many different iPods had been released by Apple. I want them to bring back an old school iPod, not touch or anything like that just the device that plays music!

Did I mention that I loved this film? Yes, I am going for that very bold statement but I really did enjoy it a hell of a lot!

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