My Cousin Rachel (2017) Review


A young Englishman plots revenge for his cousins mysterious death blaming his wife Rachel, who had been missing. Everything will change though when he meets her and cannot resist her charms.


I am going to be brutally honest at the very start of this review and say that I found the film dull and very boring. The reason I am admitting that early on is I couldn’t help but check my watch for the time and that is not normally something I end up doing when I am at the cinema. Which really does show that I was not a huge fan of a film, the cinema is my place to switch off and just watch what is on the screen!

Phillip is just convinced that Rachel is pure evil but when meeting her cannot resist the way she goes on, which is actually very reserved and well she doesn’t really show much emotion for him. But she somehow manages to consume him. I didn’t really get the charm either way in all honesty, along with that we are given some rather awkward sex scenes and moments that make you want to look away from the screen.

Another thing I couldn’t help but think about when watching this film was that it was quite similar to Lady Macbeth and it wasn’t really very long that I watched that. It just felt too much the same. If you have seen both films I am sure you will understand what I mean with that. That does often happen with cinematic releases we get similar ones close together.

The mystery in the film was something that I wasn’t really too bothered about in all honesty, I just didn’t care enough to find out if Rachel was truly evil or not. Phillip wasn’t exactly the nicest or best character either. He just seemed rash and well immature considering he turns 25 and that is apparently when he became a man and was allowed to own everything.

I guess it happens quite often when you just don’t really seem to get or like a film which has been rather popular. Always a little bit of a shame really, this one just didn’t sit well with me. I have been growing more impressed with Sam Claflin in the last couple of years as well, he has taken on more leading roles but I felt he was pretty wasted in this one. I felt Weisz gave her usual emotionless performance, never really been the biggest fan of hers in all honesty.

As far as recommendations go I won’t be encouraging you to quickly rush out and see this one, as I don’t imagine it is a film that everyone will like and enjoy. I wouldn’t take the risk incase you didn’t like it at all. If you have seen the film though I really want to know what you thought of it, if you liked it what did I miss? Or do you agree with me in being disappointed and very bored throughout?

12 thoughts on “My Cousin Rachel (2017) Review

  1. Well, I guess it’s as boring as it looks then. I’m certainly in no rush to see this one. From your review, Phillip sounds kind of like Claflin’s character in Me Before You, a movie that a lot of people loved (yourself included it seems) and I really hated, haha.

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  2. I must admit I had a completely polar opinion of this film to you! I went in with low expectations and REALLY enjoyed it! Loved the mystery, the slow-teased gothic vibe and the shock of the finale – and period pieces, by and large, aren’t usually my cup of tea!

    My review is on my blog if you fancy a read. 🙂

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  3. I thought it was a well designed film and it was interesting enough but the reason as to why Sam Claflin fell head over heels for Rachel Weisz after minimal interaction was a huge plot hole that took me out of it completely. Not enough credible development of their relationship early on.
    As you say, it got boring towards the end and the overall leisurely pace was a bit testing.
    I don’t think it was adapted from the page properly.

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