Power Rangers (2017) Review


A group of mis-matched high school students who just happen to be in the same place at the same time one night, find stones and nothing is the same after that as they must face destiny of becoming the Power Rangers.


I want to start off this review by saying that I was extremely excited for this film to be released. I was a total 90s kid and therefore wanted to actually be a Power Ranger, after watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. When I saw watching I mean totally obsessed with it. I had to get that out-of-the-way and I think it is an important aspect in my reaction to this film.

The film is a full on origins of the Power Rangers and is easily setting up a big series to follow. I guess it is actually quite strange that they have not tried to do this sooner, with the amount of superhero films we have been given over the past few years with the many different universes. Well, we certainly have a new one starting again in Angel Grove. What I like the best about it is that we are given the original Rangers.

It might just feel rather slow in terms of the build up to any action but as I have just mentioned it is certainly an origin story. Building up each of the characters, while they all attend the same High School three of them are introduced through being in detention. I thought this was actually a good thing that they were not really friends before it all happened. It created a lot more character building as they get to know each other as well as the viewers. I thought it also had some good messages then attached to that in terms of while you may see someone a lot you don’t actually know very much about them. To become a team you have to be able to work well together.

Jason was the star high school football player until he wrecked it all, his father has been very tough on him and this is then a perfect set up for him to become the Red Ranger, the leader of the team. Billy is well autistic and I thought that was a very interesting approach for the film, considering how high-profile this has become in recent years and how he copes differently to the others. Kimberly has been involved in cyber bullying again another very recent topic. Trini has been moved around to different schools a lot. Zack has to look after his very ill mother. But they all hide these facts and try to get on with life.

That is until they find the stones and suddenly feel very different. It takes a while for them to get to Alpha 5 and Zordon and the training that then must take place. A very interesting approach that it is not easy for them to Morph into the suits and just fight straight away. I liked that idea behind it all. Rita Repulsa is coming back and they must get ready in time for her striking. This was a pretty dark part of the film as we see her appearing and growing stronger, looking very creepy.

So while in this film we do not see them in suits and with zords very often that did not really matter for me. Although with that we had a truly incredible moment with the “Go Go Power Rangers” which was a total throwback to the 90s show, and it really did put a huge smile on my face. Closely followed by the incredible cameos, just wow wasn’t expecting that at all and it made me extremely happy.

While this film is not perfect at all, I really did not care and love the new direction this is going to take the Power Rangers in. I am very excited to see what is going to happen next considering this was really laying the groundwork. I mean we can hope that the bad guys Rita creates is going to improve, but let’s face it the TV show was never really the best for those. I hope other fellow 90’s kid fans enjoy this film as well, it certainly took me back to my childhood and that is not a bad thing in all honesty!

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