Life (2017) Review


A team of scientist on the International Space Station are about to discover a newly found life form that has destroyed Mars. At first it seems well pretty nice, but maybe it should have just been left well and truly alone!


It doesn’t really take long for Life to well-spring into life. Yes, I had to go there. We get a little bit of background of the characters in terms of them interacting with one another on the Space Station as they are about to realise that maybe finding another life form in space is not actually the best idea at all.

So with the good tension build up and then wondering what the life form actually is you are then hooked into the film. The action when it all starts is pretty brutal and nothing is really left to the imagination. It is named Calvin as school children were given the chance to name it from Earth. I thought that was quite a significant thing to really do so that it made it feel more real.

They could never have imagined that Calvin would grow so quickly and actually show such intelligence. Even though many of the scenes become a little obvious and expected, it did not make it any less entertaining. With a strong cast put together, and in this type of film we just know not to get that attached to any of the characters.

It also unfolds on the Space Station that some of them were not fully aware of what the mission actually had attached to it. What if Calvin turned into something bad? Was a plan put into place for just that? The film does manage to make you sit on the edge of your seat and as usual the music does certainly help with that.

David attempts to be the full on hero and that seems to be obvious from the start that he as going to be just that. Which was not a bad thing considering Jake Gyllenhaal was in that role. He really has branched out in so many different types of roles and across many film genres. I do enjoy seeing him in all the different roles, this was no exception.

I will admit that this film was not really what I was expecting and was certainly a nice addition to the Sci-Fi genre and different to those we have had in the past few years. Interesting to think what could actually happen if you found another life form in space, let’s face it as Calvin grows he certainly becomes rather scary. Which was certainly a positive thing as it means that it has really got you into the film. Plus the way they made it grow and what it started out from was a very different approach.

I have to admit that I must be getting braver seeing two films that were listed as horror’s in the space of a few days! Maybe I should be branching out a lot more, as I always seem to enjoy the Sci-Fi genre and maybe it is something that I should look to do more of in my film watching world.

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