Happy Groundhog Day!


I really hope you aren’t reading this post on 2nd February for the second or one hundredth time! I wish I had thought about a post like this earlier though, especially considering my daily quote calendar had the following on it . . .


Slightly disappointing this year though as Sky Cinema no longer have the rights to show Groundhog Day, last year they dedicated the day with one of the channels have it on over and over and over and well you get the point. Which was pretty incredible, even more so when people were seriously confused by it! I thought it was well genius in all honesty.


The thing is though the film is actually thought provoking and makes you really think about what you do in a day. Would you like to live that one over and over again? If you had a chance to change something about it, would you be able to do it. How many times would you try to end it all if you were stuck in that one day forever.

Doing whatever you wanted with no real consequences because it didn’t really happen for everyone else and when you go to sleep you will start the day over again.


A chance to really push the boundaries, hey maybe we should actually try and think about this for each new day. As let’s face it our weeks often repeat themselves so why not try to change it every once in a while? It really cannot hurt.


Sometimes it feels like that when things run the same way, starting the day a certain way and then doing the same things. Come on live a little, I guess I am now using this blog posts as a pep talk for myself really! I guess it is easier said than done, but at the end of the day we don’t want to think I wish I could do this day again. We want new days and we sure as hell do not want it to be Groundhog day forever!

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