Burnt (2015) Review


Adam Jones was a top chef who destroyed his own career with his drug and alcohol abuse. He realises he might only have one last chance and heads to London to take charge at a top restaurant so that he gain a third Michelin star!


I was very interested in seeing this film when it was released at the cinema but it didn’t seem to be around for very long. I am quite the fan of Bradley Cooper and have followed his rise closely over the past few years and this was probably a perfect role in comparison to what he has previously done. Leading the film and having plenty of scenes to show off his acting, especially the breakdowns he suffered throughout the film.

If nothing else the film shows just how much pressure you can put on yourself to succeed and that is what Adam Jones certainly did, it was all about him and how he could change things. But is that really enough when it comes to actually working as a team? Not really as we see in the film. I thought some of the scenes were very powerful and gets you thinking about how you treat people you work with at different times and how this may actually impact your professional life at a later date. The one scene I am thinking about was pretty shocking, but in a strange way pleasing due to his behaviour.

Cooper puts in a decent performance, but he didn’t really have very much to work with in terms of script which was rather weak. This also impacted on the pace of the film which was slow and disjointed at times. Such a shame really as Cooper in the title role really should have had much more. I am not the biggest fan of Sienna Miller and this film just built on that in all honesty, I don’t think she offered much at all. Such a shame we didn’t get more from Alicia Vikander as her character was much more interesting with the background shared.

The film is based on a real chef in Adam Jones which I think makes it more disappointing in terms of script and story, surely more could have been put together to make this a more solid all round film. We got the performance from Cooper but we needed more from the supporting roles Bruhl was ok at times, but I think we needed someone stronger alongside Cooper.

One of those films that could have been so much more than it ended up. I caught this as the new addition on Sky Cinema today, but also understand why it was not seen in the actual cinema for a very long time. Anyone else seen this and have any different thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Burnt (2015) Review

  1. Thought Cooper was good but this doesn’t rank that high in his filmography. Also found the love aspect extremely contrived. One or two scenes do stand out but it is pretty average in my opinion. Nice review!

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