Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Recently the talk has all been surrounding the official opening of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Part one and two) in the West End. The first story in the Potter series to be made especially for the stage, while it has been open for well over a month in previews everything has really kicked on over the past week after it is now open! Reviews have been coming out, I haven’t read any yet though.

Then today the play was released I hope people realise it is in play format and not as just a story like the other books. I know the big fans will but I am sure it will catch some people out. J.K. Rowling is pretty awesome releasing it on the date that would be Harry Potter’s 36th Birthday, I saw that on twitter I didn’t just know it I promise!

It was a nightmare when the tickets for the play actually went on sale back in October 2015 and I actually give up the first day as it kept kicking me out of the queue and looked impossible to get them. But I tried again the following morning and was successful although I booked them on 29th October 2015 for show date 5th October 2016! So almost a year in advance. Pretty crazy but I wanted to get both parts in one day, which is going to be pretty epic!

Even more epic with the fact that it is totally sold out until May 2017! It certainly makes me more curious to see it, as I have heard that they totally manage to create the magic yet again and this time on stage. The merchandise looks pretty cool as well, so I guess it will be an expensive theatre trip. Although the actually ticket prices were decent at £65 for each part, in Row D!

I do want to buy a copy of the play but I think I would prefer to see it on stage first? Although if I get it now maybe it would be too tempting to actually read it straight away. I am not really sure of the best approach. The best thing coming from the play has to be the #KeepTheSecrets something that seems to have worked very well. Although I think we will all have to be careful on Twitter and possibly Facebook with the play being released as some people love spoiling things like this! Especially if they will never actually go to see the play. It is a very interesting step in the Potter universe which has been created so perfectly over the years, I really do want to go to Harry Potter World in Watford as it looks so magical that its unreal! Maybe I should work that into my trip when seeing the play.


Are you going to read the play? 

Are you going to see the play? 


Are you very lucky to have already seen it? 


I had actually pre-ordered it! So went to pick it up this afternoon and even got it in a cool special paper bag and also entered into a prize draw to win a Harry Potter hamper! I have not started reading it . . . Yet!


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  1. Hope to see the play at some point (haven’t got tickets yet) – looks as though it will be December 2017 at the earliest. I think I would be tempted to wait until after the play before buying the manuscript – you haven’t too long to wait. There’s also the Harry Potter spin off film “Fantastic Creatures” in November.
    I was speaking to one of my friends recently and like you she is a big fan of Potter. She went to Harry Potter World last week and she said it was awesome – definitely worth a visit!

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    • It’s really crazy how difficult it was to get tickets, I actually feel quite honoured that I managed to get them. If I remember rightly the reason it was so far in advance was to make sure I didn’t have to make numerous trips to get to see both parts.

      I really do want to head to Potter World as it does look fantastic from the different pictures I have seen from people.


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