Finding Dory (2016) Review


Dory is about to embark on a quest to find her parents after suddenly having some memories come back . . .


We are back in the ocean to catch up with Marlin and Nemo, a year after Dory helped to find him! Although this time our focus is on Dory as she starts to remember things from when she was younger which leads to another adventure across the ocean to try and find her parents. But it was never going to be an easy and straight forward task!

The brilliant thing this film does is build up so many reasons to totally feel sorry for Dory and at times really gives you that sinking feeling. The good thing about that is that we all know Disney will certainly tease and test us along the way to a pleasing ending, something that have done so well in recent years.

I did find myself enjoying parts of the film and it was great to have the characters back again, I mean we have had to wait thirteen years which is maybe a little extreme considering it is then set a whole year later. But that isn’t really the point I am trying to make, it is enjoyable enough but no where near as good as Finding Nemo. Something we have to accept with sequels that they will reuse some of the same things that make the first film so special and unique.

Can’t fault anything with Ellen DeGeneres’ voice in though as she really is just hilarious when talking normally at times so that is certainly a plus for the film. Dory manages to make more friends and actually finds an old friend, and we find out how she actually learnt to speak whale. In the story telling sense we are given information to help piece together Dory’s background.

The big question about the film as a whole though is did we really need this sequel? Well, probably not but we have it and it could have been a whole lot worse in all honesty. So I am going to say it is a decent effort from Disney Pixar, not their best ever effort but by no means their worst. Just a shame at times the story was identical to the first film, I am sure they could have come up with more ideas relating to the ocean and fish? Possibly a tricky thing to do!

With all that though it is a nice easy watch and has created likeable characters we really do root for Dory from the start and hope everything is going to work out for a nice ending. I don’t see that they can have anymore films in this series. It was nice to watch an animated film like this one though, it really is perfect for very small children. Just keep swimming!

If you love Finding Nemo it is well worth seeing, but if you weren’t a big fan I really don’t think you will enjoy this film as much.

5 thoughts on “Finding Dory (2016) Review

    • That’s good that we have opposite opinions. Maybe I should have rematched (and reviewed Finding Nemo) for the site before seeing the new film. I did enjoy this still a lot though!

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  1. Nice review. I wasn’t too interested in this film initially because I didn’t think it could ever be as good as the first one, which I associate deeply with my childhood. However, I’ve mainly heard positive things about ‘Finding Dory’, so I may give it a watch at some stage. Perhaps just for nostalgic purposes.

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