Stardust (2007) Review


Tristan Thorn is in love with Victoria who hardly notices him, he lives in the countryside bordering a magical land and he vows to retrieve a fallen star by her turning into an incredible adventure.


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BAFTA Rising Star Award: A History

2020 is the 15th anniversary of the BAFTA having the Rising Star Award which is voted for by the public. Starting in 2006 known as the Orange Rising Star Award and then since 2013 the EE Rising Star Award, this is due to sponsorship and pretty much helps the award with publicity and getting the public involved in the voting for the winner. 

Over the years as I have become more and more obsessed with films I know more about the nominees which in all honesty makes me feel very special and at times very geeky. Which I personally love and am very proud of, I felt coming up to the 15th year it was very important to take a look back at not only the winners from each year but the other nominees as well. The list is very impressive and it feels as though someone at BAFTA can certainly pick out rising stars in the best possible way, the nominees are chosen regardless of gender, nationality and whether they have made a breakthrough in television, film or both.

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Razzie Awards 2010 – Nominations

The awards which like to honour the worst films of the year! Yes its all just a bit of fun and to laugh at really. But the Razzie nominations were released last night, yes the day before the Oscar nominations are due out. Interesting as Sandra Bullock could end up as the best and worst actress of the year . . . you see what they have done there.

They even have worst movie, actor and actress of the decade awards to give out.

What do you make of the Razzies?

Check out the nominations

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Miller Not Old Enough To Play Maid Marian

I am glad that Cate Blanchett has the part, I think she is a fantastic actress.

Sienna Miller lost the chance to play Robin Hood‘s sweetheart in Ridley Scott‘s new Medieval epic – because she’s too young.

The actress had been attached to The Sheriff of Nottingham for over a year but when the project went through a rewrite, it quickly became clear she was no longer the right fit – and Cate Blanchett became the new leading lady.

Miller tells WENN, “The script has been evolving and changing and it often happens in films. They’ve been trying to make this for a couple of years and they rewrote the script and they needed someone who was older.

“There’s a husband who has been away at war for 10 years and he comes back, so it’s just not feasible for me to play her. Cate Blanchett is doing it.”

Miller insists there have been many other cast changes – but the media refuses to focus on them.

She adds, “The media doesn’t have to make quite as much a meal of it as they do when it happens to me. I’m sure it will be a wonderful project but this is not an absolutely shocking thing to happen in the movie industry when scripts evolve and casts change.

“Other people have changed in that cast, but the media just won’t document it. I would obviously love to work with Ridley and still I hope to in the future.”


ShoWest 2009 – Efron Named Breakthrough Star

Zac Efron will recieve the 2009 Breakthrough Star award at ShoWest.

High School Musical star Zac Efron will be honoured as the ShoWest breakthrough performer of the year at the annual cinema owners’ convention in Las Vegas in April.

ShoWest managing director Mitch Neuhauser insists the young star, 21, was an easy choice this year as he prepares to take on the big-screen after the success of the musical franchise with new comedy 17 Again.

Neuhauser says, “When Zac Efron made his debut with the cast of Hairspray at ShoWest 2007, many in attendance took notice of this young actor’s incredible talent. His undeniable onscreen presence and charm have connected with fans around the world.”

Efron will be celebrated at an awards gala set to close ShoWest on 2 April.

Previously announced 2009 ShoWest honorees include Sienna Miller, Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper.

Blanchett Lands Maid Marian Role Opposite Crowe

Cate Blanchett is one of my favorite actresses. I love Robin Hood movies, so hopefully this will be good 🙂

Aussie actress Cate Blanchett is to play Maid Marian opposite Russell Crowe‘s Robin Hood in a new movie about the Medieval hero.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star will replace Sienna Miller in the epic, which will be directed by Brit Ridley Scott.

Shooting on the movie, originally titled Nottingham, will begin in Britain in April.

Daily Variety reports the film’s budget will be $130 million (£89.6 million).